The Summary


It’s hard to put a “wrap” around our year of travel. A year is long enough to be euphoric, disillusioned, and finally content with our trip. We had times when we desperately wanted to fly home, times when we were exhausted, sick, and irritable, but we remember the times when we experienced a country’s culture, saw a picture of contentment even in poverty, or experienced joy, appreciativeness, and simplicity even more then the “down” times. Some have already asked “what did you learn from this trip” and we really aren’t prepared to answer that question fully. Some of our views on “life” (I know that’s generic but it’ll have to do for now) have been reworked and challenged but, as they say, only time will tell how we’ve been truly affected. We have certainly returned with a deeper desire to live simply and to enjoy and impact those around us through true friendship.

While we get a lot of the same questions like, “what was your favorite place”, or “scariest moment”, “how was it” and “what now” we have really been asked some challenging questions as well. Keep these coming. They really have helped us think back on our first year together and cull through all the experiences for the gems that will impact us long term.

We can’t say enough “thank yous” to those of you who emailed us along the way. That was so important to us to at least try to keep up with friends and family along the way. There’s nothing like opening an email from someone you know when you’re sick, tired and lonely. We’re really looking forward to catching up with everyone now that we’re back home. A year is such a short span of time in life but so much can, and has happened in our lives as well as yours. Shoot us an email with updated phone numbers and emails when you think of it and we’ll do our best to catch up as soon as possible.








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