Nepal Photos

Nepal... check!

These photos cover our Wwoof experiences. The second farm is here... sorry for the delay!

Our Wwoof coordinator, Regmi

Picking corn off the cob with Balram and Durga

The cottage - mud/dung stucco

Balram's daughter, Pramila

Threshing rice

Our meager rice pile

Balram and son, Pradibe, purifying rice

Bees... be careful!

Wet, heavy grass from the river

The bees are mad!

"Come! Put your hand here!"

Tiger tops - "Small danger!"

Pigeon house - for eating

Washing laundry Nepali style!

Rock games with Pramila

Hajuraama - Darupa

Our small room off the side of the house

Pramila (13) and Pratiksha (9)

New pressure cooker!

Our benevolent water buffalo

Goats to sell

Hoeing the bean fields

Our clothes line...

...and our shower

Leaving the farm with formalities

Second Farm

Coffee berries

Deshelling coffee beans

Corrie and Saristi, our host

Jonathan grinding coffee Nepali style

Preparing compost

Washing coffee beans at the well

Ceremony for a change of luck

They honored us with flowers and tikas (red mark on forehead)

Weeding through 1,400 plants in the nursury

Saristi making daal bhat

Saristi and Gopal roasting coffee

Corrie and fellow Wwoofer, Danny, picking rocks out of lentils

Danny dancing at a wedding party

Women at the wedding party singing about suntala (orange flower)

Ordering thulos (Nepali shirt)

Hanging out with the family on the stoop

We love to eat daal bhat!

Operation Snap Replacement!

Corrie and Kilty

A bee house in our window

Kilty, Jonathan, and Pracas

Gopal, weighing in at 50kg!

Leaving the farm... very sad, but we have our Nepali shirts!

Leaving Nepal... on to the next adventure!








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