The Balkans

This was a relatively short portion of our trip. It consisted of a multi-country traipse from Hungary to Albania, a family visit in Albania's capital (Tirana), and another cross country trip from Albania to Greece.

Our departure from Hungary began with a dizzying schedule of train changes and finally a night train from Pecs to Sarajevo, Bosnia. We then caught a bus to Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Along the way we met a Bosnian man named Hassan who latched into us and wouldn't let us out of his sight for two full days. As a very devout Muslim he was adamant to see us safely to at least his ultimate destination and then arrange our last leg into Albania. After a few shorter bus trips we finally arrived in Southern Montenegro where Hassan arranged a taxi for Corrie and I as well as two sisters from Ireland to take us into Northern Albania (two and a half hours away). Another two and a half hour micro-bus ride finally brought us to the outskirts of Tirana.

The Cupples family had been to Albania in 2005 to visit and encourage a group of Albanian pastors and their congregations. Mr. and Mrs. Cupples and Heather were back in the same role this year and we coordinated our time in Albania to coincide with their visit. We had a great time together catching up on news from the US and sharing some of our traveling stories.

We stayed for one week and then took off for Greece on yet another long bus ride. This one took 16 hours and brought us to Athens. In keeping with tradition, we logged some serious walking miles and took in the sights of the Acropolis, Hadrian's Gate, and lots of other antiquity which we were unable to attain its background (because EVERY historic site had its own entry fee and even a wealthy person would feel the hit if he entered them all). We really enjoyed our time in Athens in spite of only having two days to explore this sprawling, historic city. On October 10th we set our sights on Nepal and left Europe and the familiarity of Western civilization behind us. Now we will have some REAL adventure stories to tell.

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