Southeast Asia Photos

Asia is done, and we're still going!

These photos cover our journey through Thailand, Cambodia, and a surprise stop in Bali.


Traditional Thai Music

Christmas Day in Thailand

Climbing at Crazy Horse Butress

Crazy Horse Butress

Out trusty climbing transport!

New Years Day in Chiang Mai

Familiar food... NOT Asian prices!

Going to Burma! (Mae Sai)

Bridge to our bamboo hut

Music in Pai

Our little hut in Pai

Hallway of our raft house

Death Railway built by POWs

Asian English: "Don't Clambing Up"

Old locomotive at Nam Tok

Is this really Thailand??

Ko Samet island - Ao Cho beach

Our Asian honeymoon!

Ko Samet

Thai tea in a bag!


Laying a brick wall

Making plans for a soccer goal

Rice ice cream!

Playing soccer with the kids

Jonathan and our goalie

Jonathan's boys

Our trusty transportation

You can't be with the Blake family and not play volleyball!

A Hindu story in relief at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temple

Up the steep temple steps...

Down the steep temple steps!

Anna Blake and Corrie

An Angkor Wat court yard

Monks and large ficus tree roots at Ta Phrom

Our last ride in the 2.5 ton "Lady"

Jonathan joining the "fried spider club"...

...and he's going for seconds!

The Blake clan

Sunset on Sokha beach


The Halsell kids

MONKEY! ...Is this fun?

It's time for a haircut!

On the rim above Lake Batur

The Halsell family

Ceremony ornamentation

Hindu offerings

Kuta sunset

Charlie and Charles enjoying Krispy Kreme!

Pura Tanah Lot - Balinese island temple

Cleansing ceremony

Thomas about to pollute the holy water!

A path to the toilet!

The Gitgit waterfal on Corrie's head

Rice paddies

Temple near Lake Bratan


...and Thomas

Ice cream is easier to clean off if you go swimming!

Christy and Corrie (Corrie's birthday!)

Cake with Charles

Neopolitan ice cream is a tradition!

Balinese fishing boat

Sanur beach








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